Research Focus

  • Medical Image Computing and Sgnal Processing Laboratory (MICSPL) is a part of Center for Pattern and Image Analysis (CEPIA). This group focuses on exploring potential applications of machine learning and signal processing ideas for conceptual advancements of parallel imaging, compressive sensing and other reconstruction techniques currently used in MR technology within and outside of clinical practice. Although MRI remains to be an expensive and capital-intensive technology till date, we are driven to explore newer, computationally cheaper and user friendly modifications of advanced reconstruction due particularly to the remarkable improvements in image quality and speed evolved directly from technological advances in the construction of high-field superconducting magnets and design improvements in electronics to easily maneuver magnetic field gradients. The input to our research is founded on problems facing clinician scientists at the department of imaging sciences, Sree Chitra Tirunal Institute for Medical Sciences and Technology. The tools for image reconstruction and post-processing are developed in tandem with models and ideas expounded by topical experts at GE Bangalore and overseas.

Compressed Sensing Reconstruction Demo